Thursday, 26 January 2012

Polaris Ranger and RZR Fuel Pump Problems - Is Your Polaris Ranger Running Poorly?

We really like the ride of the Polaris UTVs. Unfortunately, we have noticed that Polaris built the RZR, RZR-S, and Ranger XP with an unreliable fuel pump. In fact, the fuel pump is one of the main problems we see at our service and performance shop. The symptoms you typically experience when your pump is failing are poor upper RPM performance, a loss of top speed and poor acceleration. This definitely makes your Polaris much less fun to drive, but even more importantly, a fuel pump problem can cause your engine devastating damage by not supplying enough fuel. When your engine doesn't receive the required fuel it will run lean.

This creates heat which can cause detonation in the combustion chamber. The worst case scenario (and we have seen this many times) is that the intense heat will actually melt a hole in your piston. Here is what happens. After some usage the pump will wear and then drop from the factory PSI setting of 39 psi, to the low 30s. When your upper revs are sluggish you just aren't getting any fuel. To test this install a fuel pressure gauge at your tank outlet. You can buy these at NAPA or PEP Boys. It is necessary that you rev your engine when testing because many times the pressure will be good at idle but not at the upper RPMs.

To replace your pump with the OEM fuel pump you will need to spend upwards of $600. The high price is because it is only available with the complete fuel tank assembly. Fortunately you can purchase a replacement fuel pump which will work on most Polaris S X S vehicles. Replacement pumps come with color instructions and include everything you will need for installation. Generally they can be installed in about 30 minutes with simple hand tools. The pump plugs right in with no wiring needed.

If you are experiencing poor performance with your Polaris Ranger or RZR this may be your problem. Check out your fuel PSI and if needed get a replacement fuel pump. You bought your Polaris to have some great times. Now you can get back on your UTV and enjoy its top performance once again. As a sidenote this same problematic fuel pump is used in many of the fuel injected Polaris quads. If you own a Polaris ATV and you are having similar symptoms simply follow the same procedure for testing the PSI. Replacement pumps are also available for the Polaris Sportsman.

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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI - Review

Have you ever purchased something that just plain makes you happy each and every time you use it?? Last week I was out in the hills of Fort Mohave, Arizona just tooling around looking for some spots to do a little concentrating in....(Not that kind of concentrating! It's a gold prospecting term for classifying dirt) anyway, I digress, its starting to get dark and as I come out of the mountain range I can see the Colorado river winding its way past the bright lights of Laughlin, Nevada in the distance, so I pulled over on the trail to just sit back on the seat of my fuel injected pony and thought about the ol' gold miners making their way around this vast and rugged area and wondered how they did it. They must have been loaded to the hilt with food, water, supplies and a mule or two to haul it all around in...brutal!! How long would it take to get the ten or so miles from where I'm sitting right now, down to the Colorado river to re-supply your water or even into the nearest town (probably Oatman) for food and such.

Meanwhile I'm thinking the ride I have in front of me right now to get back into town, isn't nearly long enough, the sun having just went down beyond the mountain range to the west of me and I know I can still make it back before I have to turn on my headlights, so I decided to just sit back and admire this fine machine. Its 760cc's of liquid cooled, four stroke, all wheel drive, electric start power, I've got a brush guard, a winch, a tow hitch and enough storage for all my gear and then some with the various cargo boxes I've added over the years, including a custom rack I built to fit into the trailer hitch that holds my drwasher.

You know it's good when you just sit on the thing and put your hands on the grips and it all feels an extension of yourself, very comfortable, very fluid. My quad is an 06 purchased brand new and I still have the original tires and battery and its never....let me repeat that....NEVER... failed to start or get me where I want to go, when I'm not using it I have it hooked up to a solar panel to keep the battery topped off and when I am using it I don't worry about where I have to go, it has more "guts" than I do!!

So as I sat there admiring the sunset, the dead silence of the desert and my quad, I thought about how much freedom and happiness this machine has brought me over the past five years and thinking that the price tag was worth every penny!! Now does the type of machine your thinking of or the size of the engine really make a difference if it gets you out there to your Shangri-La? (Not really, unless you are fifty miles off road and a guy in overalls named "Bubba" is chasing you on his 250cc...That's where some horsepower would really come in handy!!) but since I can only speak of which I own, I can gladly give the Polaris Sportsman 800 honors as one of the best toys I have EVER purchased...period.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

ATV For Sale

Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, and Deere and Company are some of the major players in the all-terrain-vehicle market today. Honda made the first three-wheeled ATV in 1930. Most of the companies have the Utility, Sport and Kids range of ATVs.

Suzuki has various models like the King Quad 700, Twin Peaks 700, Vinson, Eiger and Ozark range of ATVs as utility vehicles. Its Racing range has the QuadRacer and the QuadSport models. It also has the QuadSport 80 and QuadSport Z50 in its kid's range.

The company has various SOHC and DOHC models. Single Over Head Cam models have an internal combustion engine design, with one camshaft located above the valves. A Dual Over Head Cam model has the camshafts which operate the intake and exhaust valves mounted above the camshafts. Also, there are separate camshafts for inlet and exhaust valves.

The ATVs have an option of four- or two- and front-differential-locked four-wheel drives. Suzuki ATVs have their own fuel-injection system, featuring technology tested through years of development. All Suzuki ATVs are built of high tensile steel and have hydraulic front-end brakes. They generally have a 695 cc engine.

Honda has the TRX series, the TRX 250EX, TRX 300 EX, TRX 400 EX and the TRX 90 for kids. It also has the TRX 450R in electric start and kick-start mode. The TRX models are sports models, while the utility models are the FourTrax series, the Rincon, Rincon GPScape, Foreman Rubicon, Rancher and Recon models.

The Honda utility models have a 700 cc engine and electronic fuel injection. They also have fully independent fuel injection.

Yamaha has the Grizzly, Kodiak, Big Bear and Bruin models of ATVs. It also has the Grizzly 80, the ATV aimed at kids. It has unveiled new models as a celebration of their fiftieth anniversary in the business of making transport. Yamaha ATVs have liquid-cooled, five-valve, 660cc four-stroke engines. It is also available in two-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive and fully locked differential four-wheel-drives.

Kawasaki has its own range of ATVs for Sport, Utility, Sport-Utility and Kids. They have the KFX 50, 80, 400, 700 IG and 700. The utility models are Brute Force, Prairie and Bayou.

Kawasaki ATVs have a powerful V-twin engine and automatic transmission. They also have a racing-style chassis. The KFX 700 is now available in two new colors, meteor blue and galaxy silver.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Heavy Duty Boot Kit - What You Should Know

A heavy duty boot kit, also known as the CV boot kit, plays a crucial role in keeping the CV joints in good working condition. If you are a grease monkey then you would be all too familiar with how it all works, however, for those who are not up to scale on, this article will get give you a bigger and clearer picture of what goes on under the hood of your vehicle and also provide with you useful information as to what you should know about these heavy duty boot kits.

A Quick Glance

The front wheels of a vehicle or ATV are connected with a drive shaft. A CV joint is attached to each end of that drive shaft. They are needed to transfer the torque at a constant velocity during steering and to negotiate the upward and downward motion of the suspension. The CV joint is protected by a thick layer which is called the CV Boot. It prevents it from getting damaged. This is standard for all front wheel drives, four wheel drives, trucks and ATVs.

The Benefits of a Heavy Duty Boot Kit

A complete heavy duty boot kit comes with all the parts, attachments, bolts and other accessories needed to be successfully installed on the joint shaft. Its primary objective is to properly secure itself around the inner and outer CV joints of the vehicle and prevent any dirt particles or foreign objects from entering the CV joints and causing long term damage.

What to Check for In a Heavy Duty Book Kit

When purchasing a boot kit, there are a few things you should make sure to prevent unneeded hassle and frustration.

• Check to make sure the product is in excellent condition. A new kit should be in complete wrapping and factory packaging. If purchasing a used one, make sure it's in pristine condition. 

• Make sure it has all the parts that come with the CV Boot and not just the CV Boot itself. Otherwise it's not a kit. A heavy duty boot kit is a complete package and comes with all the parts and accessories that one would need to install a CV Boot. The entire concept of a kit is that anyone with the right tools would be able to utilize it as soon as opening it. 

• Always purchase authentic dealer CV kits that match your vehicle. Avoid the generic ones. Even though they are cheap, they are prone to wear and tear and will fall apart quickly than original company Kits.

The CV boot not only protects the CV joints from breaking down, it also protects your wallet from hefty expenses that occur as a result of lack of attention and carelessness. Installing the heavy duty boot kit is only half the work. The other half is constantly checking up on it from time to time and to make sure it's not wearing out or torn. A CV boot will experience some form of wear and tear over time depending on how aggressively it is used while driving. It should be replaced as soon as it gets too worn out.

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